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Springdale, Utah
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Zion is a wonderful place to visit any time of year and during any season. The Southwest area is known for a dry desert climate and seasons are relatively mild. Temperatures can vary greatly between day and evening so we recommend layering up so you can be comfortable regardless of what Mother Nature brings.

Springdale elevation is 3800 feet. You can use our zip code 84767 to monitor weather on the internet (as shown below). Keep in mind that most internet weather services actually give you weather for St. George even if they state "Zion" or "Springdale". Zion/Springdale weather is typically 5-10 degrees cooler than St. George. The high canyon walls help keep you out of the direct sun in the morning and late afternoon and the river helps cool the canyon. Check for accurate forecasts and, which has a live photo of the canyon from the Zion Canyon Theatre at the entrance to Zion National Park.
Average monthly temperatures High/Low

January 52/29
February 57/31
March 63/36
April 73/43
May 83/52
June 93/60
July 100/68
August 97/66
September 91/60
October 78/49
November 63/37
December 53/30
Image may be subject to copyright